Converting the hard shoulder may compromise motorway safety but could be good for our Man with a van London Delivery Service.

Changing most of the UK’s motorway hard shoulder into a permanent driving lane may not be a safe solution to Britain’s increasingly congested roads, as some MPs including the Transport Select Committee have suggested.

Information gathered by My Sameday Delivery from Industry News suggests that around 300 miles of motorway could see their hard shoulder converted into a permanent traffic lane before 2025 under 30 schemes currently being proposed.

This is good for our Cheap Man with a Van service/operation in London and it’s surrounding areas  however, the Transport Select Committee has called for plans for ‘all lane running’ to be dropped amid safety concerns.

The committee chair Louise Ellman MP said that the permanent loss of the hard shoulder would be “a radical change and an unacceptable price to pay for [congestion] improvements”.

It is estimated that the traffic levels are forecast to increase by up to 60 per cent by 2040, and while Ellman acknowledged that something had to be done, she refused to accept that all lane running was “the safe, incremental change the Department wants us to think it is”.

Part of the M1 and M25 which our Courier drivers use will open their hard shoulder temporarily during peak times or instances of considerable congestion – commonly known as smart motorways – but Ms Ellman said that the government would need to prove that doing so permanently wouldn’t compromise safety.

The MP cited “worryingly high levels of non-compliance with red x signals”, used to notify a closed lane, combined with unacceptably low levels of public awareness and confidence about using smart motorways.

This congestion Increases My Sameday Delivery Ready Ltd’s business costs and driver  journeys are delayed.

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